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Windows Search service is a system service and runs automatically on the system startup.Check whether the service is running or not by hitting , then scrolling down to find it.Nevertheless, excitement is already touching the sky and fans have huge expectations from the Windows 11.A new and fast features wishlist is expected in the next version of Windows.What happened to the days when the Windows Start menu was just there?It was simple, it was sweet, and it wasn’t made up of a billion tiny processes and tiles that probably contribute to it not working.

The tech industry is waiting eagerly for the news of Windows 11, even a little of its news is creating sensation among them.Besides giving it a touch of amazing looks, they have provided enough useful features to put enterprise on to Windows upgrading mode.The official news has come from the Microsoft office that says Windows 10 will be the last Windows operating system and there will be no Windows 11.“Right now we’re releasing Windows 10, and because Windows 10 is the last version of Windows, we’re all still working on Windows 10,” said Jerry Nixon, Microsoft’s developer evangelist, at the Ignite tech conference. In a press conference, Jerry Nixon, a Microsoft development executive, gave a statement in which he said Microsoft is not going to make any more Windows after Windows 10, so you can say Windows 10 will be the last Windows for users, but it does not mean all will end here or whatever you have in hand is the last.Microsoft will not launch next Windows version, but for Windows 10 they will keep on giving regular updates to enhance the user experience.

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