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Light hearted drama about Ji Dan who is aspiring to become a singer. not sure how you're able to touch, let alone talk to a ghost.

After he fails his audition, he temporarily works at a karaoke, where he meets Se Ra (a ghost) at 12am everyday. He eventually figures out she is a ghost and attempts to find the real Se Ra.

But the requirement for joining is to abstain from dating and love. She dips her foot into the puddle, rather than making contact the ground, her foot is completely submerged into water. Thus taking her to Joseon period, where she meets Lee Do (aka Wang Se Jong). This is a light hearted series that makes your heart flutter.

The male lead character is slightly questionable...

They are divided into two subgroups, Exo-K ('K' for Korean) for South Korea and Exo-M ('M' for Mandarin) for China.

They debuted their first televised performance at SBS's annual Gayo Daejun event on December 29, 2011. The two sub-groups would be promoting the album separately in two countries.

On the day of its release, the single sold a total of 147,000 copies and reached the top of the Oricon chart, becoming the best selling debut single in Japan by a Korean artist of all time. On December 10, Exo released their second winter special album and fourth extended play Sing for You along with double title tracks "Sing for You" and "Unfair".

On November 9, Exo released a special single titled "Lightsaber" to promote the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens ahead of its release in South Korea, as part of the collaboration between S. The album broke the record for the highest first week sales for a Korean artist by selling 267,900 copies in its first week.

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Exo's second solo concert was announced in January 2015 entitled Exo Planet #2 - The Exo'luxion.In May 2011, at a Hallyu business seminar held at Stanford University, Lee Soo-man spoke about a strategy of debuting a new boyband, in which they would be divided into 2 subgroups, promoting the same music simultaneously in South Korea and China by performing songs in both Korean and December 2011, the group finalized their name to Exo, taken from the word exoplanet.Five concerts were held in Seoul at the Olympic Park Stadium starting March 7.1.2 million fans had attempted to buy tickets online. M Entertainment filed a counter-suit against Kris and Luhan for illegally continuing their promotions in China.

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