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Lydia Lunch Not necessarily a goth herself, but Lunch was definitely an object of affection for many people on the scene. I bought ‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead‘ on coloured vinyl and listened to it over and over again, imagining Murphy crooning directly into my ear. Is that PETER MURPHY played "the cold one " in eclipse.

Do you have a fascination with death and the afterlife? Do you spend more on mascara, pancake makeup, and hairspray than on rent?

They also for bonds with the Artist, Musician, Mystic, Free Spirit, and Psychic.

Goth in Love A Goth in love is a deeply committed partner.

Finally there was music we could shuffle to on the sticky dance floor of shabby provincial clubs, and it was being made by people who looked like they knew their way around a graveyard (an admirable quality to a young darkling).

I'm going to cover some of my least favourite rumours about Goths and dating; some tips for those of you who would like to know how to go about wooing a Goth (what a great word, 'woo'...), and a few helpful links and videos (I'm THAT good to you).

Handy disclaimer: Please bear in mind that this page does talk about sex, albeit in a relatively vague and polite manner, and so may not be suitable for much younger readers.

But around 80% of Goths (according, that it, to a poll I saw online - perhaps not, therefore, the MOST accurate of statistics, but sounds close enough judging from personal experience, people I've talked to and what I've seen 'in the scene') are not hugely bothered by whether their significant other is Goth or not.

Many, many Goths are in happy relationships with non-Goths.

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