Updating squeezebox firmware

It is wired-Ethernet only and natively supports one audio format, MP3.

Logitech Media Server can transcode other audio formats to MP3 on the fly, using the LAME MP3 encoder.

Slim Devices was established in 2000, and was first known for its Slim Server used for streaming music, but launched a hardware player named Sli MP3 able to play these streams in 2001.

Although the first player was fairly simple only supporting wired Ethernet and MP3 natively, it was followed two years later by a slightly more advanced player which was renamed to Squeezebox.

I’ll never (as in _never_) cease my home internet again before moving out of the flat.

Here’s another workaround to trick my Squeezebox Server into downloading firmware files from a local server – just because of lack of internet connection. After connecting my new Squeeze Box Radio, I had to take already some efforts to get it up and running because of no internet.

Of course, I could have enabled interconnection sharing on my Mac, which was hooked up to my i Phone.

Now don’t ask me why, but somehow that was not working.

in favor of the visually similar but simplified Logitech UE Smart Radio, but in 2013 Logitech added an official menu option to install the Squeezebox software on the Smart Radio, effectively turning it into a Squeezebox Radio.I checked in /etc/as well to see if we may have a different-than-default lookup order there: Oh well, exactly what I expected to see.After all I didn’t want to dig into this too much (at least not more as I did already).Slim Devices offered a bitmap display upgrade for this hardware, but that is no longer available.Some units have a 40×2 Noritake character display, others have a 280×16 pixel Noritake bitmap display. Features included optional 802.11g Wi-Fi, native support for more audio formats (FLAC, WMA, Ogg), upgraded 320×32 pixel greyscale bitmap VFD display, visualizers, bitmapped fonts.

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